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Friday, 28 July 2017

Bad Banking Etiquette You Should Avoid.

This blog post idea came to me as a result of an incident that happened right in my presence in a bank premises some few months ago.

“A young Man withdrew some money from an ATM Stands , And was about leaving when some two guys who where on a motorcycle and have been monitoring him drove close to him,snatched the money and zoom off the young man who has just been robbed raise an alarm by shouting 'My 200,000 Thousand Naira , My Money' He cried , Screamed but his money was history , I just looked and head home with a pitiful look on my face. ”

What am I saying , with the security and armed personnel present in a bank you can still make mistake or get robbed before reaching the bank.

Some Etiquette That Could Guarantee You A Safe Banking Experience.

#1 Mode Of Transport To The Bank - You don't have a ride of your own?
i. Take A Hike

ii.Enter A Taxi

iii. Board A Commercial Bus or Train
i.Taking a hike(walk) to a bank no matter how close is it to your resident is risky , You can misplaced the money or be robbed .

ii.Enter A Taxi - Human being can never be trusted your taxi driver can rob you or even kidnap you.

iii.Board A Bus Or Train - You may think it is safe but I can assure you it is not. Some people enter commercial buses and train just to pick pockets . You are in a hurry to get down from your ride someone pick what's in your pocket,you got down , you check your pocket , no phone , no wallet and no watch . what will you do?

#2 Your Dressing - You Wear A trouser without pocket, your pocket ain't deep , your shirt stopped at your waist .

Your Dressing make you a prey , How?

i.Where are you keeping the money you want to deposit if your trouser lack pocket ?

- Are you holding it in hands ?
- Is Your Wallet Big Enough To Contain It?

ii.Your Pocket Is Small And not deep enough - I sometimes change before going to the bank , not too deep pockets can reveal some part of money which can attract robbers and thieves.

iii.Your Shirt is short it doesn't cover your pocket - Having bunch of cash in you pockets can be seen clearly but with long shirt covering up to your thigh , you can be assured a safe trip to the bank.

#3. How You Handle Cash - This is way many people are being robbed daily , the story I shared with you early is a typical example , he withdrew money from an ATM,He did not put it in his wallet instance he decide to count it and see if it is complete . It may sound strange but 90% of bank goers count they money the withdrew either from a cashier who use a machine to count it or an ATM. You don't go about flaunting around just because you are going to bank or to put an impression that you are rich,it is not even advisable to bring out the money on your way to the bank or even while you are on queue.

I have seen where a man bring a carton of noodles into a bank I thought he sells noodles but when he opens it i was shocked , the carton was filled with money.He can not be robbed because he put an impression that he bought a carton of noodles for his kids.

Want To Go To The Bank Safely What Etiquette Should I Apply?

1.Don't Flaunt Cash Carelessly
2.Never Tell Your Driver That He Should take you to the bank instead tell him to take you to a place close to the bank to avoid been robbed or kidnapped.
3.Don't wear sweat pants(tied trousers)
4.Feel your pocket once in a while to see if your pocket is intact
5.Don't Wear Short Shirts,Shallow pockets Trousers And Don't Trek to the Bank.
6.If you see or find something suspicious don't wait for your adrenaline to kick in , run for your life/money.

Many people lost there live, resources,get kidnapped on there way to the bank or right inside the bank because they fall to keep to some simple rules and etiquette of banking.

Stay safe...

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