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Monday, 17 July 2017

Airtel Roll-Out New Unlimited Data Plan

Few days ago, Airtel released a teaser video telling us that Unlimited data plans is coming.

Since then, alot of us has been anticipating the official launch of the data.

And now, the telco has silently launched the unlimited data, but the price will shock you.

When it comes to unlimited data, to me it means, browse, download and stream without thinking about data (download till mama call lol). For now, i can't say if really these data plans are capped. Until then, let's continue.

Airtel silently launched these data plans without a single word from them.

Moreover, the Unlimited package comes in 3 different packages, meaning you can choose anyone that best suite you.

Airtel Unlimited Data Packages

You can alternatively dial *141# and follow the on-screen prompts or dial the below codes;

> N10,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days

> N15,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days

> N20,000 Unlimited Packages/ Validity is 30days

How Can I Activate it?

For N10,000 Unlimited packages, dial -

For N15,000 Unlimited package, dial -

For N20,000 unlimited package, dial -

Though, fair usage policy will be attached to these plans. Like i said earlier, i really don't know if it's data capped or unlimited as they claimed.

I wasn't expecting these plans from them. I actually wanted to see lower prices for 3days and 1week. Be that as it may, what do you think?

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