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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Blog Monetization:Negative Effects On Bloggers

You can remember my last post was 'Benefits Of Having Ads On Your Blog', Today I am writing on the negative effects of ads to a blogger . Not all bloggers use Ads , there blog have what it takes to generate at least $50 a week but they chose not to monetize there blog for reasons best known to them . I developed some new habits when I start running ads on my old blog , it did not crossed my mind then but I now really that those things I normally do on my old blog with ads are different compare to the thing i do on this blog. I am by no means saying that monetizing your blog is bad , NO .From past experience and observation bloggers who run ads on there blog start changing over night , the way the blog will change,they will do anything to get people to know and visit there blog even if there strategy is right or wrong .

Bad Effects Of Ads To Bloggers.

1. Lying

I am pretty sure lying is not a blogging technique and will definitely not be listed as one of my techniques , I have been lied to many times by bloggers they post a text line with a very decent and most viewed title once you click it you get redirected to either Google play store or to there blog but you expect is not what you will see on getting there , there is these new technique that bloggers customise that blogger use , they cover the image that is suppose to appear in the ads section with another attractive picture so that when you click you get redirected to another site and they get paid job done. There are do many techniques is observe bloggers with ads use nowadays some also write some touching texts just above the ads like 'Please support this blog by clicking the image below' . These are not acceptable and are against the term , conditions and policies of any Adnetwork.

2. More Traffic Less Content

Traffic is good but content is better , you ought to spend more time on your blog than anywhere else . What is the point of traffic if there is nothing important for them on your blog . You don't need traffic yet if you don't have any important content . I have a way of knowing how my work is loved by visitors everyday I check my Google Analytics I also see a promising percentage of New Visitors and Old ones that revisit . Content comes before traffic , get a reasonable amount of important and SEO worthy contents before thinking monetization and traffic.

3. Spamming

You post your link on whatsapp groups , facebook pages , Facebook Groups , Twitter and that's all not enough you start visiting blogs and forums with huge traffic leaving a mark with your link all over , and you expect to see result without doing they write thing . There is a reason why plugins and functions like social share buttons are in existance . Start using share buttons , Get At least 10 backlinks from top websites,blogs and forums,write a post with at least 700-1500 words , Share it with your share buttons and see Google will not index and rank it high but that post views will be high without the normal routine of spamming .

4. More Copying Less Writing

Your content writing flame will start going close slowly , you become a copycat just with an excuse of no time , laziness creeps in , you end up losing all you old users .

I have observed this effects on both myself and my friends who also blog,you rarely change if your blog run small ads but having the big dogs (AdSense,Media.net,Infolinks Etc) on your blog must definitely have a negative impact on you and your blog.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this. You did a great a Maths before publishing this.


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