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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Benefits Of Having Ads On Your Blog

Some people can't shake the idea of money blogging , I have a friend who is yet to finish designing his blog but have already registered with an AdNetwork , He is into blogging with no doubt for one reason 'Money' . There is a mythical believe by people about blogging , People See blogging as a quick money making opportunity . It is not totally wrong though there are few blogger that have the drive and passion to blog.

Having Ads on your blog has some cool benefits that you might not know , most especially Ads like AdSense,Media.net,Infolinks Etc.

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4 Benefits Of Having Ads On Your Blog.

1. Your Dedication Drastically Increases .

With Ads present on your blog dedication to blogging increases in know time,you don't need a magician to tell you to work and spend more time on your blog . You spend less time on other things and most of your time on your blog.

2. Your Pageview Will Increase.

You need traffic in other to make money on your blog when running an AdNetwork . You will work hard like never before in other to increase your blog traffic and pageview with you knowing.They number of your new visitors will increase in no time , you encourage , beg and if possible force people to visit your blog.

3.You Become A Better Blogger

Many bloggers may not notice this but you tense to act or do something's you find it absurd . You may have some certain things you are not good at as a blogger but with the present of Ads on your blog , you start doing things you which you are not good at like dropping your blog link in forums,social platforms ,writing contents, blog commenting,guest posting etc.

4.Your Financial Status Elevate.

I definitely will not leave this out , they amount of money bloggers compare to passion bloggers is a thing of fear seriously blogging should not be about money alone. Your financial status will elevate once you have a smooth and paying Ads on your blog .

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Blogging for money is not a crime neither is it a sin but going out of your way to make money as a blogger is wrong . Asking people to click your ads or deceiving them into doing so is a crime and could easily get you site banned from participating as a publisher in your existing adnetwork .

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